Youth Coming Together

Touching Lives with God’s Love;

Transforming Lives with God’s Word;

Doing It All for God’s Glory! 


Sponsored by Project 935 Youth Ministries of FMBC

It’s Happening Here!

It’s Happening Now!

Every Sunday evening at 5:30 – We Worship Together – We Play Together – We Praise Together – We Play Together – We Pray Together – We Fellowship Together – We Support Each Other – We Encourage One Another – We Share Together – We Care For One Another – We Grow Together – We Learn Together – We Learn from One Another & Teach One Another – We are Projects 

At Project9:35 we are Together under Christ

Come & Be Together With Us!

See You at Reach & Revive 

2018 !

Check back in early 2018 to see to line-up & ticketing details