Doing it all for God’s Glory

Reaching In

The old hymn proclaims, “Blessed be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian Love, the fellowship of kindred minds, is like to that above.” An important element of growing stronger is growing together. These groups focus on the ministry of Fellowship, bringing brothers and sisters together for the purpose of strengthening, encouraging, and enjoying the company of one another.

men's group

Men’s Group: Colonial Cottage Breakfast:

Enjoy fellowship with your Christian brothers over breakfast! Meet for breakfast on the second Tuesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. at Colonial Cottage Restaurant. Contact- Gary B. at 331-2585 for more information.

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This Group is one of the longest lasting Men’s Fellowships in Northern Ky. 
FMBC is proud to Host this dedicated group of men who join together each week for a time of Fellowship over breakfast, leading to a time of concentrated prayer for one-another & the NKY community. Men from all over the area are welcome to be a part of this group. No registration or reservation is required, just come to the church’s Fellowship Hall ready to pray.  OVER 50 YEARS OF COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP

Come As You Are

A group of women of all ages, all backgrounds, all occupations, sharing & caring about encouraging one another in their daily Christian Walk.  Be looking for monthly times and activities for this group to share some “Ladies Time” with fellow Christian sisters.




Salt Shakers

They come in untold shapes and sizes!  So do the members of FMBC.  Salt Shakers is the name we use for a program that brings us together in small groups to meet in homes for the purpose of strengthening our fellowship.  By sharing a meal together, we strengthen our bonds, get to know one another better, and grow together in the spirit of Christian Fellowship.  Salt Shakers lasts for 3 months at a time, meeting in small groups once a month.  Spring 2018 groups have already formed.  Be looking for the next Salt Shakers opportunity.