You’re invited!

No, it’s not a handy greeting, it’s a picture of who we are.

  • You’re invited to Worship, Praise & Celebrate the saving power of the Lord Jesus.
  • You’re invited to bring your burdens & cares, praises & thanksgivings to share with people willing to love you for just being you.
  • You’re invited to dig into the powerful words of The Word; to study together; investigate together; and have the confidence of knowing you’re being led by a Pastor who believes the Word of God is just that, God’s Word.
  • You’re invited to involve yourself in the Christ Centered ministries of FMBC & develop the gifts of service He has blessed you with.
  • You’re invited to learn what “Touching Lives with God’s Love; Transforming Lives with God’s Word; Doing it All for God’s Glory” to a body of believers whose humble desire is to Serve the Lord Our God with all our Heart, Mind, Body & Soul.


The Basics

Fort Mitchell Baptist Church is a Bible Believing assembly of individuals who believe that Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, came to offer salvation to all who would believe.  For a complete statement of faith, see the “What We Believe” page.
FMBC is a Baptist Church located on Dixie Hwy. just blocks from I-75 in Northern Kentucky.  We are an independent body of local believers.  Additionally, we voluntarily associate ourselves with the Northern Kentucky Baptist Association, The Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.