Pouring Our Lives Together

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Sermon Notes

It's Whats At The Core that matters most

At The Core

 Conclusion of "At The Core" series.  Strategically delivered on a Sunday when the church celebrated the Lord's Supper.  Pastor Shane began this message with the illustration of an empty pan, then one at a time poured in glasses full of fluid.  As each glass was poured into the pan, the congregation could see as the pan fill.  As the last glass was  pored, the pan become full.  The visual gave a powerful start to the message! Each church member identified with a full glass - full because of the goodness of God.   The bowl could not be full until the last glass emptied.  This powerful start of the message made each member aware of God's filling of our lives & our need to willingly pour our lives together as His Body.  You want to listen to this series.