What Will I Make My Greatest Priority?

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Sermon Notes

Got Plans for the new year?  Who made them?  Did you take time on December 31 to set priorities for a new year?  Or wake up on January 1 full of a new resolve to “Get Things Done” this year, finally?  Maybe you’ve even outlined a plan, read a new self-help book, attended the best seminar from the best motivational speaker ever.  All the things that say, “I’m ready to get the most important things done this year.”  But what makes the most important thing the most important thing?  If you’re counting on your own genius or some guru’s mystical insight, you’re already starting out behind.  If you want to know what to make your greatest priority in 2018, start by looking up before looking in or reaching out.  Join Pastor Shane as he begins a new series for 2018, Four Questions for the New Year  Are you willing to challenge yourself enough to discover that the Greatest Priority doesn’t start with you.