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the following are Summary Statements about our basic beliefs. Further detail can be found by accessing the Baptist Faith and Message (link at bottom of page). If you want to know more, join Pastor Shane Brewer for FMBC Basics taught every other month on Sunday Evenings. Contact the Church office for details.


We believe about Jesus

that Jesus (Christ) is the unique Son of God having been born of the Virgin Mary through the miraculous working of the Holy Spirit. He and He alone is both fully human and fully God. As a man he lived, was himself baptized by John the Baptist, suffered an atoning death for all who would believe, was crucified, dead, and buried. On the 3rd Day he rose from the dead, and after 40 days of teaching his Apostles ascended into heaven.


We believe about the Trinity

that the Lord our God, He is one.  In His own wisdom he has chosen to relate to mankind as The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit; this known as the trinity.  


We believe about Jesus’ Return

that in His own time and by His own will the day will come when Jesus the Son once again manifests himself on earth.  That on that Day those who believe, both living and dead, will be transformed to become residents of God’s Holy Kingdom.  That God will reside in the presence of the Chosen for all of eternity.


We Believe about the Bible

The book most commonly known simply as “The Bible” is a collection of 66 individual books.  Those books are in varied styles such as History, Poetry, Prophecy, etc.  Each of these works, while various men are credited with the writings, all are inspired works with God as their author.  Together they contain God’s revelation of himself to mankind.  They are truth, without error in their original forms.  We accept the Word of God as being trustworthy as our standard of understanding God and is our guide in matters of living an ethical & moral lifestyle.The Bible is broken into two section representing time prior to and then following the earthly ministry of Jesus.

You can find further detail, including supporting scripture references in our OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF FAITH, the Baptist Faith and Message.


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